6 January 2022

Adviser Exchange: Mortgage Broker Experience


Market context research to understand how the mortgage broker perspective has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. 


In-depth research using our Adviser Exchange community sounding board to understand broker challenges and needs as
we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and establish a
‘new normal’.

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The challenge

COVID-19 delivered some significant disruptions to the residential and buy-to-let markets with demand for mortgage lending increasing alongside the need to adapt to new lender service models through the successive lockdowns. 


The pandemic accelerated lender use of digital servicing and communication channels. 


Our client wanted to fully understand broker mindset to check whether their service model and product propositions are fit-for-purpose post pandemic.

The approach

In-depth qualitative research through depth interviews with mortgage brokers active in the residential and buy-to-let mortgage market. 


Interviews were extensive and covered the impact of the pandemic on client needs, views on how providers have responded during the pandemic and future outlook for the next 12 months. We also investigated how brokers want to interact with lenders along the different steps of the journey, including what aspects of the new servicing model they wish to maintain and what aspects if any they would prefer a return to the pre pandemic delivery model.

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The result

The research provided clear insight into how brokers (and their clients) needs and mindsets have shifted during and post pandemic and what, in an ideal world, they are looking for from lenders. 


Outputs included detailed recommendations on the ideal broker servicing journey from communication to sales support, application, underwriting and processing.