QA “Total Learning”: New Product Development Research


How to successfully deliver a new learning solution in the most engaging and valuable way for both learners and organisations. 


QA - one of the biggest providers of tech and digital training solutions in the UK – was developing a new way of delivering learning that blended online self-paced with classroom learning and a workplace application stage.

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The challenge

People learn and retain information in different ways and the world of work (and how we work) has changed. QA identified a need to create a new way of learning and wanted to introduce a more practical, blended solution to provide:


• Maximum impact and knowledge retention for learners 

• Clear evidence of application of learning for client organisations

The approach

The research approach was two-fold – canvassing views from both buyers and learners: 


1. We began by conducting extensive in-depth interviews with senior leaders responsible for learning and development within client and prospect organisations including very large blue-chip companies. We tested the blended learning proposition, the proposed course structure, pricing and the communication of it. 


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2. We augmented this with structured feedback and in-depth personal interviews with learners who had attended a pilot blended learning course. Learners were asked to evaluate the impact the training has had on their role and whether the blended approach was more or less impactful than self-paced or facilitator-led only.

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The result

The research showed a strong appetite for the new way of learning among both learners and buyers. Learners liked the initial self-paced online element as it equipped them for the classroom and allowed the classroom to become more practical. 


The higher learning retention and focus on application particularly appealed to buyers as it demonstrated their return on investment. The research insight helped refine the key features of the proposition and provided clear guidance on the compelling benefits to dial up in communication and positioning.

QA launched Total Learning in September 2021

“Undertaking this research validated that we were offering something to our learners and buyers that they would love and gave us the confidence to invest and launch it into market quickly. It also supported pricing decisions and enabled us to hone the messaging of the Total Learning proposition.” 

 Aniqah Mela, Head of Product and Propositions, QA